Bible Project

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Scott Brookins Ministries started to distribute Bibles in 2001. In autumn of 2000, Scott and his family traveled and ministered for 6 months in 5 countries in Europe. During this time they saw a huge need for Bibles in these countries. Most people could not afford to purchase a Bible and many refugees did not know that a Bible existed in their native languages.

God provided a small single donation to “further the Kingdom.” Through this donation and prayer, God started the Bible Project of Scott Brookins Ministries. Since that time, thousands of Bibles have and continue to be distributed in Central & Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, Uganda, and Kenya.

“Thanks beloved Scott! I am so grateful for the Bibles, you have been such a great blessing to my ministry. I am so encouraged by your support and love. I feel I have a brother who cares for my people and my country.”
— Pastor Benjamin, Uganda, Africa

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