Uganda Women’s Projects

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In this area of Kampala, there are many widows and single mothers with children that were abandoned by their husbands when they became Christians. It is legal for a man to have two wives, so many of these women and children were left on their own to care for themselves and their children, as their husbands and/or families wanted nothing to do with them and forced them out of their homes because of their faith.

Many live in rooms about 10 feet by 10 feet with no water, no indoor toilets, no cooking facilities, and many with no electricity.

The ministry provides funds each month, as God provides, which the local pastor distributes to those in the most need for food, rent, medicine, and school fees for their children.

The testimonies that has been shared on how the support from the ministry has saved lives, given hope, and allowed these women and children to survive is overwhelming.


“Brother Scott, greetings and love. Brother I can’t imagine the power of thought and leading that Jesus put into your hearts about supporting these widows and single Mothers.”
— Pastor Benjamin, Uganda, Africa

Business Training

In 2013, a Business Training Program was started to equip widows and abandoned women with a way to become self-sufficient and to be able to support themselves and their children. The women involved chose which products and businesses are needed in their local area. These products are not sold in the USA, so that the women are supported by their local economy and are not relying on support from the USA or other countries.

The businesses they have chosen are:

  • Candle making
  • Knitting sweaters for school uniforms
  • Cake making
  • Woven mats

Currently there are 20–30 women participating in this program.

“Thanks for your love and support for these families. Brother if God had not led you to do this, there would be a big problem. Thanks for listening to the Holy Spirit.”
— Pastor Benjamin, Uganda, Africa

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